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PropertyOfZack Playlist : : Valencia

Valencia will be playing their final show tomorrow alongside Every Avenue and Hit The Lights, and PropertyOfZack thought that it would be a great idea to feature one of everybody’s favorite bands in our Playlist series. Each member from Valencia chose a few songs to create a Playlist, and we’re stoked to be debuting it. Check out the Playlist and listen to the songs while reading everyone’s thoughts!

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Remedy - Hot Water Music
This song and the record it is off of is one of the songs and bands that got me into playing music in a band. I had never heard such passion and emotion mixed with uncheesy lyrics and amazing guitar work all in the same song. It was with out a doubt the style I was looking for. - Shane Henderson
Holy Fuck - I Am the Avalanche 
The first time I heard this song was around the point our band made the decision to go on a break.  The urgency in the music and lyrics reminded me of all the things we gave up over the last seven years while we were never home and out chasing the dream.  It helped me realize that we weren’t alone in those sacrifices and reassured me that in the end, the experience was ultimately a huge reward. - George Ciukurescu
Reeko - NOFX. 
This song changed how I thought about music; from the hungover and distraught lyrics, the reggae guitar, walking bass line and smooth guitar solo, to the energetic fast-punk 2nd half. It has everything I want in a song. - Trevor Leonard.  
F.O.D. - Green Day 
I remember my first full listen through of “Dookie”. Just a barrage of sounds that seemed to be made for my very existence. And then there was F.O.D. The long and generally plain acoustic and vocal intro, into that snare fill explosion of the rest of a song. I couldn’t believe something so relaxed could Coexist with something so furious. But, there it was, right down to figuring out what F.O.D. stood for and the guitar chord progression the likes of which I hadn’t previously known could support a melody. Man, I never thought of it like this, but so much influence came from just that one song. - Dan Pawlovich

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Posted: Sat December 31st, 2011 at 11:23am
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